Name : Ming-Hsien Lee

Current Position : Associate Professor

Institute : Department of Physics, Tamkang University

Place of Birth : Taipei City

Date of Birth : 13th December 1965

Marital Status : Maried, with one daugther


Education and Degrees :

Ph.D. : Physics, University of Cambridge (1991-1995, received 1995)

B.Sc. : Physics and Mathematics Double Degrees, Tamkang University (1984-1990, received 1990)


Work experience :

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Tamkang University (since 1995-)

Teaching Assitant, Department of Physics, Tamkang University (1990-1991)



Professtional Records

Main Author of the Pseudopotential Database of CASTEP Package, since 1992, with two major release (optimised and ultrasoft), appears in CASTEP Academic release, Cerius2 and Materials Studio.

A member in International CASTEP Developer Club, since 1996.

A Committee member in Computational Materials Research Core Programe, Center of Theoretical Sciences (CTS), Since 2000.



Publication List

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